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Festivals and Food, Oh my!

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I love this time of year. It seems there is a festival of some sort every weekend, and Labor Day was no exception. As the last few days of summer, everyone wants to go out with a bang. The problem is – which to choose?

We ended up going to Greek Festival, since it also coincided with the Gallery Hop and was right by Goodale Park. We made a whole day of it!

Our first stop was Goodale. The park has lots to offer with a pond, tennis courts, and two playgrounds, in addition to ample walking space. With my 4-year old in tow, it was a must stop to the playground to let him run around.

Playing at Goodale Park

Playing at the playground at Goodale Park

From there it was just a short jaunt to the Greek Festival. Now, I had never been to this one, but I have yet to go to a Greek Festival I did not enjoy, and this was no exception. It costs $5 to get in, but save your ticket because it gets you in all weekend. (Hmmmm…I guess I’ll have to go back!). Inside there is live music, traditional dancing, shopping, and of course food! Oh, how I love spanakopita and tyropita! While it was busy, lines moved fast, so there was never a long wait for anything. We of course had to have some yummy pastries to top it all off.

Traditional Greek Pastries

Traditional Greek pastries. Clockwise: Kourambiethes, Koulourakia, Kataifi, Macaroon (I don't think that one is traditional)

Aren’t they just gorgeous? I’m not usually one for cookies, but how can you say no to that? The best was the Kataifi. It looked like shredded wheat, but had this delicious pie filling like center and gooey the whole way through. So good!

Greek Dancing

Traditional Greek Dancing

After watching some dancing we headed on up High Street to the Gallery Hop. It is always a great time.

Break Dancing on High

Break Dancing on High

We walked up and down High Street for a little while, stopping in stores and viewing the artists and characters along the way. I must say, the break dancers were my favorite!

Seeing as we have two more days, I may see you back at the Greek Festival! Look for me over by the spanakopita!


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