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Sea Beans?

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So, every Tuesday we head on down to the North Market. I love it. Small businesses all in one place cooking all kinds of yummy things – what’s not to love? My son loves it because of the fish market, and the people at every booth are more than accommodating to his many, many questions on food.Why are the fish flat? Why are the fish in ice? Do they like popcorn?

Anyways, we head down to pick up our medium sized bag from the Greener Grocer. The concept is that every week you get a yummy bag full of goodies, mostly organic and almost always locally grown. The fun part is you don’t know what you’ll get, so it’s like a food puzzle, trying to figure out how to use all the ingredients. If I were walking in a grocery store, would I ever pick up collard greens? Probably not, but I now know how to cook them thanks to the Greener Grocer.

Case in point, this week’s gem: Sea Beans. What the heck are sea beans? Well, this, my friend, are what sea beans look like.


Sea Beans

What am I going to do with these? Well, luckily GG also provides recipes each week in my inbox giving me helpful tips on how to cook the ingredients I got in my bag. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And, because I love to bake, I also added some snickerdoodles to my evening.

Snickerdoodle balls to be baked

Snickerdoodle balls to be baked

Who knew snickerdoodles were such a pain in the butt to make? Rolling all those balls and then dipping them in cinnamon sugar – a lot of work. Next time I am sticking with chocolate chip. Buuut, they did turn out yummy!

The finished cookies!

The finished cookies!


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