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I love hummus

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So there is a new restaurant in town that I keep seeing pop up in various places, so I decided to check it out. I go through phases of loving to cook, and it seems I am phasing out right now. What does that mean? Time to eat out! The restaurant is called Mazah’s and serves quick mediterranean food. We all know I love me some Greek food!

Since it was a new spot, I opted for the large sampler, which included hummus, fava bean dip, baba ghanoush, 3 bean salad, cabbage salad, med. potato salad, falafel, rice and fatayer. The helpings were generous, the food reasonably priced, and it is a quick meal that is actually healthy. They also designate on the menu if it is gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, so you can take your veggie friends and know they’ll be eating well without having to create a new menu when they order. To top it all off, the service was quite pleasant. I think I’ll be going back. Now if only I can convince the munchkin beans are yummy!

Aren’t you just hungry looking at it???

In other news, munchkin went to the doctor and needed eye drops. Have you ever tried to put eye drops in a 4-year old kid who weighs half as much as you that REALLY doesn’t want them? It took a good 20 minutes to get one drop in and I’m pretty sure we are both scarred for life. I’m TOTALLY looking forward to tomorrow when we get to do it again. (Sarcasm – gotta love it!)


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