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Elliptical Machine

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I’m participating in a contest/fitness thing at work where you have a team of five people and your team all has to walk so many miles each day (or run, or exercise – there’s a whole conversion chart they provide). Our team decided to be ambitious and go for the 5.2 miles a day. Easy peesy, right? RIGHT?

Now see, I consider myself a pretty active person, but some days you don’t want to do much. However, if I only walk 3 miles today, that means I have to walk 7.2 miles tomorrow to make up for the ones I didn’t walk. Yikes! It can be really easy to fall behind. So today I didn’t park at the far away garage and walk, and I didn’t walk much to meetings and things during the day, so after I got home I HAD to do something to make up for it. So, I packed up the munchkin and headed to the gym.

I also recently joined this gym. How’d I pick it? It’s the only one that has daycare anywhere close to my house. That is a must. They have all kinds of bells and whistles, but I’m a treadmill and a few weights kinda gal, so their fancy heated pool and smoothie bar don’t interest me too much. ALTHOUGH, they do have this movie theater, but instead of seats, they have cardio equipment! How cool is that?? I watched Indiana Jones the other day while running!

Anyways, back to my story. So I drop the munchkin off, go exercise and come back to pick him up. He wants to know if I went running. I told him no, that I used something called the ellipitcal machine. So he asks another question, but I didn’t understand him right away, so he kept getting louder and louder…”Mommy, what’s a ball licker machine?”

If my face wasn’t already red from exercising, it was then. But, at least I got my mileage in!


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