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Baby, it’s cooooooooold outside!`


Back in April when I moved home to Ohio after living in Florida, I was so excited to be near my family and around people who say “pop” and and play games like “euchre”. However, as we progress further into winter, I seem to be longing for those warm, sunny (okay, excruciatingly hot) days.


Last week we woke up to this:

Yes, snow. The munchkin was jumping up and down and screaming about how excited he was. As I looked outside I said, “Ugh”, as my little guy said, “Awesome!”.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good snow at Christmas. Looking out the window is so pretty, and the lights seem to sparkle more in the white blanket of snow. And them I’m over it.


Well, it was about 30 degrees today, but we had been trapped inside all day and we were both going bonkers from being inside so we headed on out to Millstone Creek Park to brave the cold. Well, that is after running tights, jeans, tall boots, two pairs of socks, long sleeve shirt, wool sweater, fleece pull over, winter coat, scarf, gloves, and a horribly tacky hat that is nice and warm.

Other than it being SUPER cold, it was an awesome park. There are all kinds of slides and things to climb that are different than your average playground, and I love that squishy base that makes it soft in case they fall off. There is a nature area where, in the summer, the kids can explore the creek and swamp up close. They even have xylophones and chimes to play! Of course it would probably be more fun when it is a bit warmer when the nature areas are open and other kids are there, but we had a great time. It was worth the drive.


2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cooooooooold outside!`

  1. I didn’t think you left the house if the temp went under 75. Move back to Fl.

  2. Normally that is the case, but small apartment + energetic kid = gotta get outta here!

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