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Went outside…again!

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I know, it’s crazy. I decided to brave the cold … again! Last night German Village had their Christmas festivities. Because I wasn’t sure what to expect and by that I mean I didn’t want to hear whining about how cold it was I left the munchkin at home and headed out with a friend.


Our first stop was Thurman’s. Thurman’s is a local burger joint that has been on lots of television shows including the Travel Channel. Obviously, this was not the vegetarian’s choice, but they had what I craved – fried food. Mmmmmmm. Hey, sometimes you need a little cholesterol.


More about Thurman’s

Want to see the episode of Man Vs. Food? Check it out:

Well, there was a 30 minute wait, so while we were waiting we decided to go see some of the pretty Christmas lights around German Village. Lots of decorations and the society had lined the streets and Schiller Park with luminaries.

How gorgeous! How festive! HOW COLD!!!!! I was quite happy to head back to the restaurant for dinner. The place is a visual overload. Stuff is everywhere and looks like it has been there forever. You certainly do not want for things to look at. I got the veggie sub, which was gigantic, and onion straws. It was delicious. My companion for the evening got the Thurman burger. Yes, that huge pile of stuff. It looked pretty gross to me, but ya know, I don’t eat meat. In the end I had to take half of my sandwich home.


While it was fun, the 30 minutes running around was plenty for both of us, so we opted driving around the rest of the time, rolling down the window so we could hear the brass band playing. Boy, was I happy I wasn’t out there playing! It actually reminded me of a Christmas when I was in high school, our brass quintet decided to give a concert on Christmas Eve in the gazebo in the town’s square. My lips froze to my mouthpiece. Never again.


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