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Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself?

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Samantha Brown!

So, last week we went to the AAA Vacation Expo on both Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday was fun because Munchkin got to meet Kai-Lan.


There were also lots of booths with all kinds of exciting places to explore. I also filled out ten million forms so I could win a vacation. I haven’t gotten any calls yet, but I know I’m going to win! I know it! Actually, I saw people bring return address labels to stick on there. What a great idea!


Sunday we went back to see the Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown. It was good to see she knew where she was and started off her talk with “O-H!”. (For those of you outside of Ohio, you answer, “I-O!”)



She talked about how she got the job and about her many travels around the world. It was very interesting!



We cut out a few minutes early to get in line for autographs and ended up being right across from where she signs. As soon as she came over to the table, Munchkin started screaming, “Samantha Brown! Hi! Hi Samantha Brown! Samantha Brown, you’re my favorite!” He soon became her favorite. When we got up there she gave him a big hug and let him sit on her lap and even gave him a bottle of water. Nicest celebrity I have ever met.




Overall, it was a great time for pennies. Get out there and explore! The more you participate, the more fun this great city is!

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Emily’s Picks – Weekend Events

January 29, 2011

HOOT Family Film Series
Gateway Film Center, 1554 N. High St., Columbus, 43201
Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
HOOT is a monthly festival of films, music and activities designed for Central Ohio families and children. On the final Saturday of each month, families are invited to enjoy stimulating games, story readings, and music from around the world. The Shazzbots, a popular local kids band, will provide music between short films.
Cost: Free with a suggested donation of a canned good

January 30, 2011

Art Challenges
Columbus Museum of Art
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Visit the Art Challenges station in the galleries to participate in fun, competitive games that highlight a CMA artwork or collection. Compete with friends and family members or challenge the scores posted by other visitors. All are welcome to participate and prizes are part of the fun.
Cost: FREE on Sundays for all!

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Ship Wrecks and Pears

Tonight’s dinner was compliments of $5 Dinners. I have been obsessed with her blog lately, and was able to make a couple of her recipes for tonight’s dinner.


The Ship Wreck Casserole I made this past weekend and instead of one big dish, I split it between two and froze them both forĀ  later, which was perfect for tonight’s dinner. I also vegetarianized it, using fake beef instead of the real thing. I really like the idea of making things ahead, and love that it is a vintage recipe.



While it was baking, I made the Gingered Pear and Blueberry Cobbler. I actually had no eggs, so looked online and read somewhere you can substitute cornstarch for eggs. Not quite the same, but it still turned out super yummy, and really, cobblers are so easy. I wish I would have had some whipped cream or ice cream to go with it.



Both dishes were delicious, easy and cheap. So, go ahead, head on over to theĀ  $5 Dinners and check out these and some of her other recipes.

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Winter Blah


It’s that time of the year. It’s yucky out and I am SO over winter. I’m cold and have no motivation to do anything except seek out heat. Heat cranked up? Check. Space heater on? Check. Lots of blankets? Check. Warm fuzzy pajamas? Check. Totally hideous leg warmers? Check. Twenty layers? Check. Fuzzy slippers? Check. Standing on the vent when the heat kicks on? Check.


So, I’ve resolved to do something…ANYTHING…this week that will pick me up and get me out of my winter blah.


These are my choices so far:

  • Create some “yarn” out of old shopping bags and knit a reusable shopping bag
  • paint a picture of a flower…or a beach…or something
  • Go to a museum


That’s all I got so far. Surely I can accomplish one of them. Or I can sit here under the blankets and drink some hot chocolate. Hmmm….

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Depression Cooking

When I was younger I lived with my Grandmother for a year of high school and for some of college so I could go to the university by her house. She loved to feed me, and one of her quick menu items I made for breakfast today, although it is just as good for lunch or dinner too. Her fried potatoes are easy and quick and good for you.


Of course I always enjoy my potatoes like this:

Grandma’s Fried Potatoes

3-4 potatoes, either sliced or cubed
1 small onion, diced
3-4 eggs
1 Tbs oil
salt, pepper to taste

  1. Warm skillet to medium high, add oil when pan is ready
  2. add potatoes. While potatoes are cooking dice onions and add in, cooking until both are tender. Add in salt and pepper to taste
  3. wisk eggs and add to skillet, cooking everything until done.

Now, you can add to this recipe if you want. You could also use veggie dogs cut up, or for you meet eaters, hot dogs or sausage or something. You could also use additional spices such as rosemary, but I like it with just the pepper and salt.


I also found this Youtube video a few months ago that is essentially the same thing, and Clara is just the cutest! She has an entire series of Depression Era cooking. What a great way to track oral history!