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Back in November, munchkin’s grandma asked what he wanted for Christmas, so being the resourceful mommy I am, I put on my thinking cap for things he wanted AND he/I needed. I also like to dream pretty big, so for Christmas munchkin was super lucky and got karate lessons!


Since I told him about the lessons, I have been prepping him. “In karate, you have to listen to your teacher. In karate, you have to pay attention. In karate you can’t be late.” I have to remind myself of that last one…


Today was our first day. I picked out this activity for a variety reasons. First, he has to listen, and listening is a good skill to learn for when he starts school. Second, he has to learn to be patient when waiting his turn or watching others. Third, it is great exercise, and fourth, let’s face it. He is around a lot of women and needs more guy time. He got his little outfit and looked so stinkin’ cute! I knew I was going to love the class when all the kids had to run laps while waiting for class to start.



We also vaguely know some people in the class, so that was comforting. The lady sitting next to me also told me all the wonderful things she had heard about the dojo. Score!



I still can’t get over how cut they all are in their little uniforms. And it’s pretty entertaining to watch the instructors deal with the 5 second attention span of a room full of 4 and 5 year-old kids. They do way better than I do!


So, now I have to figure out how to balance this along with work, cleaning, baking, bills, grocery shopping. Tips? Oh, how I envy stay-at-home-moms sometimes!


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