Black Sheep Dancing

Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself?


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For Christmas I was lucky enough to get a pretty vase with a bulb. What was it? Paperwhites, a pretty white flower that you can make bloom in the winter. So, I put the bulb in the vase and added some water and soon, voila!




Isn’t it pretty?


Now, I enjoyed this flower very much. As I was cleaning one day, I kept thinking how pretty it was. I was trying to clean what smelled like urine in my kitchen. I cleaned everything with bleach, but I just couldn’t get rid of it! Until suddenly my nose passed by that pretty white flower and suddenly the source of that horrible smell was quite apparent.


I was sad. How can something so pretty smell so bad? So I kept it. It didn’t smell THAT bad. Except that the smell grew and grew and grew. Our house is pretty tiny, so I had no other place where I could put it but not have to smell it. So sadly, my pretty paperwhite wound up in our garbage can, but my nose thanks me.


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