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He must really like us

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Friday we went to CBear’s house for movie night. On the way over munchkin and I picked up dinner so neither of us had  to actually do any work and cook something because, you know, it’s Friday.


We got there and had a lovely dinner. I had pasta primavera. CBear had Pad Thai and munchkin had mac and cheese. Munchkin was hungry and did a good job eating up all of his bits. I was so proud! We then watched The Emperor’s New Groove before sending Munchkin to sleep in CBear’s bed while we stayed up to watch grown up television. Munchkin settled down and we watched the new Showtime show, Shameless. Side note: It is pretty funny, so if you get cable (I don’t at home) I would suggest it.


When the show was over it was time to head home. I walked into CBear’s room to get munchkin and this awful stench hit me immediately. What is that smell??? I looked at Munchkin and there were a couple of pieces of macaroni strewn about, so I figured it was from dinner and stuck to his clothing. He was on his tummy, so I peaked in his undies to see if he pooped his pants, but they were fine. However, I soon came to the realization that all was not right with the world when I moved him and behold! An entire pile of mac and cheese vomit! ALL over the bed. ALL over the sheets. ALL over Munchkin. ALL over his hair. So gross.


CBear was super nice and said he would clean it up, so I tried to usher Keeler out of the house when he buckled over and his face turned green. Yep, sick again. Luckily this time we made it into a bowl of CBear’s. CBear and I watched on as my poor munchkin threw up in the kitchen.


When we got home I had to wash off Munchkin as he cried and puked some more. I guess bath time isn’t as fun when your tummy hurts.


The following morning I got a text from CBear to let me know everything was saved in the washing machine, and steralized and was clean again. Munchkin followed the text shortly by shoving a bowl of vomit in my face and proclaiming, “Look mommy! I frew up in da bowl! Not in my bed!” Gross.


Surprisingly, we are still invited back at CBear’s house, although I think mac and cheese is off the menu, at least for a little while.


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