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Winter Blah

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It’s that time of the year. It’s yucky out and I am SO over winter. I’m cold and have no motivation to do anything except seek out heat. Heat cranked up? Check. Space heater on? Check. Lots of blankets? Check. Warm fuzzy pajamas? Check. Totally hideous leg warmers? Check. Twenty layers? Check. Fuzzy slippers? Check. Standing on the vent when the heat kicks on? Check.


So, I’ve resolved to do something…ANYTHING…this week that will pick me up and get me out of my winter blah.


These are my choices so far:

  • Create some “yarn” out of old shopping bags and knit a reusable shopping bag
  • paint a picture of a flower…or a beach…or something
  • Go to a museum


That’s all I got so far. Surely I can accomplish one of them. Or I can sit here under the blankets and drink some hot chocolate. Hmmm….


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