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Samantha Brown!

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So, last week we went to the AAA Vacation Expo on both Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday was fun because Munchkin got to meet Kai-Lan.


There were also lots of booths with all kinds of exciting places to explore. I also filled out ten million forms so I could win a vacation. I haven’t gotten any calls yet, but I know I’m going to win! I know it! Actually, I saw people bring return address labels to stick on there. What a great idea!


Sunday we went back to see the Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown. It was good to see she knew where she was and started off her talk with “O-H!”. (For those of you outside of Ohio, you answer, “I-O!”)



She talked about how she got the job and about her many travels around the world. It was very interesting!



We cut out a few minutes early to get in line for autographs and ended up being right across from where she signs. As soon as she came over to the table, Munchkin started screaming, “Samantha Brown! Hi! Hi Samantha Brown! Samantha Brown, you’re my favorite!” He soon became her favorite. When we got up there she gave him a big hug and let him sit on her lap and even gave him a bottle of water. Nicest celebrity I have ever met.




Overall, it was a great time for pennies. Get out there and explore! The more you participate, the more fun this great city is!


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