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Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself?

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He must really like us

Friday we went to CBear’s house for movie night. On the way over munchkin and I picked up dinner so neither of us had  to actually do any work and cook something because, you know, it’s Friday.


We got there and had a lovely dinner. I had pasta primavera. CBear had Pad Thai and munchkin had mac and cheese. Munchkin was hungry and did a good job eating up all of his bits. I was so proud! We then watched The Emperor’s New Groove before sending Munchkin to sleep in CBear’s bed while we stayed up to watch grown up television. Munchkin settled down and we watched the new Showtime show, Shameless. Side note: It is pretty funny, so if you get cable (I don’t at home) I would suggest it.


When the show was over it was time to head home. I walked into CBear’s room to get munchkin and this awful stench hit me immediately. What is that smell??? I looked at Munchkin and there were a couple of pieces of macaroni strewn about, so I figured it was from dinner and stuck to his clothing. He was on his tummy, so I peaked in his undies to see if he pooped his pants, but they were fine. However, I soon came to the realization that all was not right with the world when I moved him and behold! An entire pile of mac and cheese vomit! ALL over the bed. ALL over the sheets. ALL over Munchkin. ALL over his hair. So gross.


CBear was super nice and said he would clean it up, so I tried to usher Keeler out of the house when he buckled over and his face turned green. Yep, sick again. Luckily this time we made it into a bowl of CBear’s. CBear and I watched on as my poor munchkin threw up in the kitchen.


When we got home I had to wash off Munchkin as he cried and puked some more. I guess bath time isn’t as fun when your tummy hurts.


The following morning I got a text from CBear to let me know everything was saved in the washing machine, and steralized and was clean again. Munchkin followed the text shortly by shoving a bowl of vomit in my face and proclaiming, “Look mommy! I frew up in da bowl! Not in my bed!” Gross.


Surprisingly, we are still invited back at CBear’s house, although I think mac and cheese is off the menu, at least for a little while.


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Get Your Groupon!

Groupon is fast becoming my new favorite website. Have you joined yet? Awesome coupons that are usually about half off the regular price. Today’s deal?$15 for five-visit punch card to indoor open-play area at SuperGames. It’s winter. We’re all looking for ways the kiddos can burn all that energy, and this couldn’t come at a better time!


Other favorites? 2-for-1 deals on movies, admission tickets to festivals, half off of food, even on spa services. It makes those guilty pleasures a little easier on the budget. So go ahead and plan date night – you can afford it now!


So go ahead, join today! (and let them know I referred you!)


P.S. They ARE available in most cities including Tallahassee!

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Looking for something to do this weekend?

Looking for something to do this weekend? Dreaming of warm, sunny weather? Why not head on over to the AAA Great Vacations Expo? Groupon is offering a 2-for-1 deal on tickets, making it a cheap, cheap date!


AAA Great Vacations Expo

Franklin County Veterans Memorial

January 21-23, 2011

I know we are looking forward to meeting Kai-Lan, and of course will register for the vacations. I could use one!


See ya there!

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For Christmas I was lucky enough to get a pretty vase with a bulb. What was it? Paperwhites, a pretty white flower that you can make bloom in the winter. So, I put the bulb in the vase and added some water and soon, voila!




Isn’t it pretty?


Now, I enjoyed this flower very much. As I was cleaning one day, I kept thinking how pretty it was. I was trying to clean what smelled like urine in my kitchen. I cleaned everything with bleach, but I just couldn’t get rid of it! Until suddenly my nose passed by that pretty white flower and suddenly the source of that horrible smell was quite apparent.


I was sad. How can something so pretty smell so bad? So I kept it. It didn’t smell THAT bad. Except that the smell grew and grew and grew. Our house is pretty tiny, so I had no other place where I could put it but not have to smell it. So sadly, my pretty paperwhite wound up in our garbage can, but my nose thanks me.

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Little Dragons

Back in November, munchkin’s grandma asked what he wanted for Christmas, so being the resourceful mommy I am, I put on my thinking cap for things he wanted AND he/I needed. I also like to dream pretty big, so for Christmas munchkin was super lucky and got karate lessons!


Since I told him about the lessons, I have been prepping him. “In karate, you have to listen to your teacher. In karate, you have to pay attention. In karate you can’t be late.” I have to remind myself of that last one…


Today was our first day. I picked out this activity for a variety reasons. First, he has to listen, and listening is a good skill to learn for when he starts school. Second, he has to learn to be patient when waiting his turn or watching others. Third, it is great exercise, and fourth, let’s face it. He is around a lot of women and needs more guy time. He got his little outfit and looked so stinkin’ cute! I knew I was going to love the class when all the kids had to run laps while waiting for class to start.



We also vaguely know some people in the class, so that was comforting. The lady sitting next to me also told me all the wonderful things she had heard about the dojo. Score!



I still can’t get over how cut they all are in their little uniforms. And it’s pretty entertaining to watch the instructors deal with the 5 second attention span of a room full of 4 and 5 year-old kids. They do way better than I do!


So, now I have to figure out how to balance this along with work, cleaning, baking, bills, grocery shopping. Tips? Oh, how I envy stay-at-home-moms sometimes!

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2011 – it HAS to be a good year

Happy New Year!

I hope all my lovely readers out there ***crickets….silence*** had a lovely Christmas. We had a lovely time.


I made a Christmas dinner for friends including this super yummy bread pudding.

Munchkin got his very first sled ride…and quite a few after that!

We went to church on Christmas Eve.

And fed the horses…

We enjoyed some crackers. My “toy” was a pair of really bad nail clippers and a joke…want to hear it? You know you do.

What kind of soap does a judge use? Give up??? TRAIL size soap! ahaahhahahaha….okay, so not the best joke ever.

Had lunch at one of the best restaurants ever. (I got grilled cheese of course, and onion rings. BEST ONION RINGS EVER)

I rang in the new year with my sister and crew at a country club. It was awesome because I was by far one of the youngest people there to celebrate with friends.

And I finally got a pair of wellies! Aren’t they cute? I even found fleece inserts so they are nice and warm.

We also went to a couple of tag sales. Nothing super exciting, but I did find some loaf pans so I can bake more quick breads and a cute 60s enameled bowl. Santa also brought me some fun vintage finds for Christmas. Did I ever mention I collect hammered aluminum? Well, I got a TON of it for Christmas and now I am in hammered aluminum bliss.

So, that’s my end of year/ year so far. But here is to being single and making dreams come true in the new year!  I love the number 11. It’s a fabulous number. When I won first place in horse competitions, my number always had 11 in it. When I ran my fastest time in cross country my number was 11. So 2011, let’s do it!