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It’s not Easter, but I’ll eat like it is

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Being stuck in the house, I’ve had an overwhelming urge to bake things. Yesterday I made the bagels. I made them plain because that is what the Munchkin wanted, even though I REALLY wanted cinnamon raisin. While my bagels were baking I continued to browse my “Betty Crocker’s Best Bread Machine Recipes” cookbook and saw a recipe for Hot Cross Buns. It had raisins. It had frosting. I had all the ingredients.


Munchkin helped me measure everything out and roll the buns and even snip the crosses on top. Because I cannot think of Hot Cross Buns without singing the children’s song, I decided to look it up online. Apparently it  is a food eaten at Easter, and is said to bring good luck. I’ve never had them before, and all I knew about them was the song.


Maybe I’ll continue my nursery rhyme food binge and make some more foods from songs. You can say you know the Muffin Man…er…lady.


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