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Stir Crazy

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The past two days I have been unable to leave my driveway due to an inch of ice that my car just doesn’t want to deal with. Because of this, Munchkin and I got to spend a ton of time together! Yipee! Sadly, it seems he is of the age where he no longer takes naps. My baby boy is growing up (and slightly driving me bonkers).


We read books. We watched movies. We pretended we were super heroes, but it wasn’t cutting it. So, we got out the craft supply box and this month’s Better Homes and Gardens and set to work making a valentine garland. Basically, glued a page with roses all over it to some red construction paper, cut it in strips and made into hearts. Bam! Fun, cheap, and pretty.




On a side note, when I first moved in I thought the electric fireplace was insanely cheesy, but since it got cold, I’ve learned to appreciate it. It also gives me a spot to set out some of my fun trinkets. I guess it can stay for now.


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