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I recently read an opinion piece on CNN that wanted us all to know why airline baggage fees are a good thing. I thought I forgot how to read correctly when I saw the headline. Surely my eyes were deceiving me.


Now, let me tell you why this fee is a horrible thing. I weigh approximately 100 pounds. My luggage, when fully stuffed, weighs 30 pounds.


100 + 30 = 130 total pounds. That is still less than most people just by themselves.


And since my child is no longer under 3, I have to buy him a full-price ticket.


100 (me) + 30 (my luggage) + 40 (munchkin) + 20 (munchkin luggage) = 190


That is STILL less than a lot of people weigh, yet I get penalized for it. So no, Mr. Snyder, I do not feel these fees are justifiable when you tell me it’s a fee for the excess weight. It’s a way to milk as much as we can out of consumers and hide the true cost of flying. If you want to make it fair, make everyone get on the scale with their luggage and THEN charge a fee for the weight.


*hopping off my soapbox*


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