Black Sheep Dancing

Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself?

Goodnight sweetheart it’s time to go. No really, you gotta go!

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I am so tired. Munchkin recently stopped taking naps. This unfortunately means I stopped taking naps too. Boooo. Anyways, he sleeps really heavy now. Great, right? Except he sleeps so hard he doesn’t wake up when he has to go potty.


The past week goes something like this:

8:00 – goodnight to Munchkin

11:00 – I go to bed

Somewhere between 2 and 3 I wake up because I can feel that creepy feeling that someone is staring at me. I keep my eyes closed for just a minute. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed it will all be a dream and I can go back to sleep! Or, maybe not.


Wash kid. Change kid. Change bed. Wash covers. By the time I do this I am wide awake, although tired. After a week of this, I’m ready for a good night sleep tonight. Going to potty five times before bed? Yes. No late night drink? Yes. Hoping for a full night of sleep? YEEESSSSSSSS!


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