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My $3.24 shopping trip

Wal-mart Shopping Trip:

  • Bread Flour – $2.92
  • Bread Crumbs – $1.13
  • Millstone Coffee (2) – $1.64 each
  • Gain Fabric Sheets (2) – $1.87 each
  • Newspaper – $2.00

(2) $3.00 off 1 Gain Fabric Softener

(2) $2.00 off 1 Millstone Coffee

I love a great shopping trip!








Worst Day Ever

So, Friday I was doing the usual house things when I heard my iphone go off with its usual “ding” when a text message comes in. I was in the middle of washing dishes, so I didn’t get to it right away. But then, lo and behold, I couldn’t find my phone as I was stepping over my robe that I had worn when taking the dog out that morning. I thought, “Well, I can at least clean up while I’m looking.”

So, I put my robe along with a bunch of other things in the washer and continued to search for my phone. But I couldn’t find it! That’s when I realized what I had done….my phone was in my robe…my robe that was being thoroughly washed.

I frantically took it out and dried it off, but it was already soaked and shut off. I turned to the internet. I had heard stories of people saving their phones. Maybe mine could be saved?

I read up on baking your phone. Putting it in a box with dry rice to have it absorb moisture. Rinsing it in alcohol. Hair dryer. Setting it in the sun. Placing it under a lamp.I chose to put it in rice wrapped up and set on a heating pad so it wouldn’t get too hot and waited…and waited.

It’s amazing how quickly we rely on technology. I kept wanting to check my email. I couldn’t. I went to a friend’s house for the first time and didn’t get directions before leaving the house. Halfway there I realized once I got to the town I had no idea where I was going. Good thing I have a separate GPS! I wanted to call someone, but my backup cellphone has about two numbers stored in it. I have to wait until I get to my computer to see what my schedule is. Grocery shopping with the munchkin is harder with no games to entertain him while I dig for coupons and compare prices, oh, and those mobile coupons? Can’t use them.

Over a day later it still won’t turn on. I don’t really want to buy a new phone, but man, I NEED one! Anyone who wishes to donate a new iphone or contribute to the purchase of, just letting you know I will GLADLY take donations. I’m so bummed!

Rest in peace, Mr. Pickles II. (Yes, that really was my phone’s name.)

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Waste of Irish Cream

So, on St. Patrick’s Day we had a party at work, and it included a munchie contest. I was so pumped! I remembered a recipe from All Recipes I had made a couple of years ago, making brownies with Irish cream. How yummy, right?

The last time I made it, all I remember is not letting the brownies cool before putting on the frosting and it being a big yucky mess. That’s all I remember.

So, it was time for the party and everyone’s food looked so yummy.









Oreo Truffles





Some sort of salsa thing.

And then there were my Irish Cream Brownies. The brownies that sounded so good.

I thought I would make them cute and cook them in mini cupcake pans. They got stuck. CBear dug them out and then sorta smushed them back together. The remaining ones I baked in a pan, but it still didn’t turn out. The frosting was just okay. Rating for this recipe? FAIL. I could have found so many other things to use my Bailey’s in…like my iced coffee I’m enjoying while writing this post. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Herbed Sweet Potato Fries

A quick side tonight that turned out great and even the munchkin loved. I’m totally bummed I forgot to take photos, but the result was so yummy!

Herbed Sweet Potato Fries

3 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into strips (or slices, or waffle…whatever your fancy)

1 Tbs olive oil

1 tsp. rosemary

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. paprika

Kosher salt and fresh pepper to taste

  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Put potato slices in a large bowl. Add in remaining ingredients and toss.
  3. Put potatoes on a sprayed baking sheet in a single layer
  4. Bake for 40 minutes or until done

Of course, this is a pretty basic recipe, so adjust to fit your taste. This can work as a side dish to your favorite sandwich, or would also work as an appetizer by itself.

I had hoped to use cayenne pepper instead of the paprika, but I am out. I’ll have to sub that next time. I’m thinking the kick with the sweet would be awesome. Regardless, I got my 4-year old to eat a reasonably healthy snack. Whoo hooo!

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G-S-C recipe guaranteed to go to you H-I-P

It is that time of the year again. The time that ALL of those cookies I ordered from my friends and co-workers’ little munchkinettes arrive and I am left with way too many cookies. In all, I got twelve boxes. TWELVE boxes. I polished the first box off after a co-worker dropped my order off at work. Tagalongs sounded much better than the lunch I had packed.

When I got home Munchkin and I had a few more. Of course all kids love cookies. I had to oblige.

And then last night I had a dream. A dream about my cookies. I woke up and I just knew I had to put these recipes into motion TODAY. No complaints from Munchkin or CBear. Funny thing…I normally don’t like cookies and I normally don’t eat ice cream at home. But today I threw caution to the wind.

Samoa Sundae

2 Samoa cookies, crumbled

Tbs. shredded coconnut

Vanilla ice cream

Chocolate syrup (not shown)

1 Samoa cookie for garnish

Tagalong Sundae

2 Tagalongs, crushed

1 Tbs Nutella spread

1 Tbs Peanut Butter

Vanilla ice cream

Extra cookie for garnish

And the best for last!

Trefoil Sundae (Of course when I was in Girl Scouts, it was was simply known as shortbread, but then they got all fancy)

2 Trefoil cookies, crushed

Half a banana chopped

Honey to drizzle

Vanilla Ice Cream

Cookie for garnish

Trefoil Sundae? AWESOME! After all these cookies that are pimped out to be even worse, looks like I’m going to have to work overtime at the gym. And maybe throw some veggies in there somewhere.

So go support your local Girl Scout troop and make some awesome sundaes!

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Fat Sunday

So, I found a recipe for Beignets last week, and had every intention of making them for Fat Tuesday. Then life happened. So, last night we made the dough and this morning we rolled it out and fried them up!

I used to be very intimidated by frying things…you gotta get the oil, heat it up, not burn yourself, find something to do with the old oil…but I found these very easy.

And even if they are a little over-fried, they’re still pretty good.

Here they are all done. Don’t they just look yummy? And they are light and don’t FEEL like fried food. That actually may not be a good thing. I don’t usually like donuts, but I liked these. (And do did everyone else.)

The recipe is from Our Best Bites, and can be found here. The only thing I changed, was instead of dusting one side with powdered sugar, I turned them over to dust both sides. Mmmmmm…sugary goodness.


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Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

It’s been raining and/or snowing here for what seems like forever. Yes, I know I live in Ohio. Yes, I know it is winter. I’m just sooooo over winter right now. I want to run outside and enjoy being there. I want to sit on my deck and drink some lemonade. I want it to be warm enough to take Munchkin and Riley for a good long play date at the park so we can all get rid of our winter blahs/driving each other nuts.

I keep rewinding on my 34 hours in Florida. The friends, the warmth, the sun…hopefully that will get me through until it stops raining.

Or maybe I’ll get a new pair of shoes.