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Waste of Irish Cream

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So, on St. Patrick’s Day we had a party at work, and it included a munchie contest. I was so pumped! I remembered a recipe from All Recipes I had made a couple of years ago, making brownies with Irish cream. How yummy, right?

The last time I made it, all I remember is not letting the brownies cool before putting on the frosting and it being a big yucky mess. That’s all I remember.

So, it was time for the party and everyone’s food looked so yummy.









Oreo Truffles





Some sort of salsa thing.

And then there were my Irish Cream Brownies. The brownies that sounded so good.

I thought I would make them cute and cook them in mini cupcake pans. They got stuck. CBear dug them out and then sorta smushed them back together. The remaining ones I baked in a pan, but it still didn’t turn out. The frosting was just okay. Rating for this recipe? FAIL. I could have found so many other things to use my Bailey’s in…like my iced coffee I’m enjoying while writing this post. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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