Black Sheep Dancing

Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself?

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A Princess Kind of Morning

I’ll admit it. I love my celebrities and gossip magazines. I love clothing, and the now Princess Catherine combines both of those worlds. OF COURSE I took off work on Friday and got up way to early to watch the wedding. My sister came in town Thursday night, so we both prepped the food Thursday night for our little royal feast on Friday.

But, before we go any further – wasn’t her dress just gorgeous? She is so beautiful, and I am such a fan of vintage or a throw back to vintage. It was perfect!Anywho, this was our royal spread:

Orange Cranberry Oat Scones

Misc. Girl Scout Cookies

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

Banana Muffins


Tea from Harrod’s

Lemon Curd

I’ve discovered I absolutely adore crumpets. I am going to have to make many more very soon.

My sister even dressed up her dog:

Poor Gracie.

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What the heck do you do with Quinoa?

So, up until about a year or so ago, I just liked to bake. But the past year, the past year I have become a full blown foodie. I’ll admit it. I snobishly eat my homemade wheat bread and wouldn’t dream of buying pancake mix. Well, a few weeks ago I bought some quinoa, and I’ve only used it once since. I guess it intimidates me because it is something new. But, it is sooooo good for you! So, I’ve googled it and here are some recipes I’ve added to my “to do” list.

Quinoa and Black Bean Chili – this one came in on my daily email. Looks yummy!

I just loved the photo on this Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa.

This Lentil and Quinoa Salad with Basil and Lemon looks almost too healthy, but sooo yummy! Are you allowed to like something THAT healthy?

Mmmmm…how about these Quinoa Burgers from Culinary Arts Now? This may have to be my first attempt.

What are your favorite quinoa recipes? What are some foods you want to try, but are nervous to?

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Preparing for the bunny

We have a few Easter traditions. Yes, we go to church. Yes, we have Easter baskets, but not the boring, every one looks the same. Each year I take the Munchkin to a thrift store and park him in the basket isle and let him pick out his basket for that year. This year he found a lovely basket from Bath & Body Works that was really very manly. It had red leather around the outside with pockets. Very cute!

Our second tradition is this – The Easter Bunny is like Santa. He travels all around the world delivering Easter baskets and gets tired, so you have to build a nest for him to sleep in during his travels. As a thank you, he leaves an Easter basket. This is normally done outside, and of course this year it was a down pour of rain. His buddy was here to help build.

This was their creation. Cute, no? I liked it was also quick. It was wet outside! However, I don’t think they minded. I think they bunny will approve.

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Sunday, Sunday

It was another lovely Sunday. Not 80 degrees lovely, but it was sunny and warm enough to go outside without a down coat on, so I’ll check that one on side #WINNING!

It was warm enough to put my little seeds outside to get some full-on sun while in the safety of my pseudo-green house. (A flat with a clear lid on it) Look, my first attempt at growing from seed and they’re growing! I hope they make it to planting!

CBear, Munchkin and I then went to a local metro park to enjoy the nice weather. I have always been very lucky to live near fantastic parks. It is a great way to stay active outside and enjoy the weather, and best of all – it’s free! Not only free, but they have lots of great programs you can take advantage of too! The trees were in bloom, and plants are starting to sprout up everywhere. Summer might get here after all!

We ended with a trip to Skyline Chili. Not my choice, but it was pleasant. Not a large selection for a couple of vegetarians, but the fries were good and the service was great. And it was fun seeing grown adults wear bibs.