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Dinner a la me!

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Dinner is so awesome when it comes from you and your garden.

  • Green beans from my garden with onion and garlic
  • Refrigerator pickles with cucumbers from the garden
  • Black raspberries hand picked from my parents’ house
  • Confetti potato salad left over from the 4th
  • Mac and cheese with veggie dog pieces (gotta keep the kiddo happy)
  • And peaches, hummus, tortilla chips

We got our first green beans today. Munchkin helped me pick them and loves to eat them raw. Who knew it only took growing veggies to make kids eat them? Do you think it will work for spinach too?

Sadly, my cucumbers are gone. The darn squash bugs found them and I had to take them down. Here’s to hoping they don’t find my zucchini…hoping REALLY hard.


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