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My $3.24 shopping trip

Wal-mart Shopping Trip:

  • Bread Flour – $2.92
  • Bread Crumbs – $1.13
  • Millstone Coffee (2) – $1.64 each
  • Gain Fabric Sheets (2) – $1.87 each
  • Newspaper – $2.00

(2) $3.00 off 1 Gain Fabric Softener

(2) $2.00 off 1 Millstone Coffee

I love a great shopping trip!








Worst Day Ever

So, Friday I was doing the usual house things when I heard my iphone go off with its usual “ding” when a text message comes in. I was in the middle of washing dishes, so I didn’t get to it right away. But then, lo and behold, I couldn’t find my phone as I was stepping over my robe that I had worn when taking the dog out that morning. I thought, “Well, I can at least clean up while I’m looking.”

So, I put my robe along with a bunch of other things in the washer and continued to search for my phone. But I couldn’t find it! That’s when I realized what I had done….my phone was in my robe…my robe that was being thoroughly washed.

I frantically took it out and dried it off, but it was already soaked and shut off. I turned to the internet. I had heard stories of people saving their phones. Maybe mine could be saved?

I read up on baking your phone. Putting it in a box with dry rice to have it absorb moisture. Rinsing it in alcohol. Hair dryer. Setting it in the sun. Placing it under a lamp.I chose to put it in rice wrapped up and set on a heating pad so it wouldn’t get too hot and waited…and waited.

It’s amazing how quickly we rely on technology. I kept wanting to check my email. I couldn’t. I went to a friend’s house for the first time and didn’t get directions before leaving the house. Halfway there I realized once I got to the town I had no idea where I was going. Good thing I have a separate GPS! I wanted to call someone, but my backup cellphone has about two numbers stored in it. I have to wait until I get to my computer to see what my schedule is. Grocery shopping with the munchkin is harder with no games to entertain him while I dig for coupons and compare prices, oh, and those mobile coupons? Can’t use them.

Over a day later it still won’t turn on. I don’t really want to buy a new phone, but man, I NEED one! Anyone who wishes to donate a new iphone or contribute to the purchase of, just letting you know I will GLADLY take donations. I’m so bummed!

Rest in peace, Mr. Pickles II. (Yes, that really was my phone’s name.)

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Get Your Groupon!

Groupon is fast becoming my new favorite website. Have you joined yet? Awesome coupons that are usually about half off the regular price. Today’s deal?$15 for five-visit punch card to indoor open-play area at SuperGames. It’s winter. We’re all looking for ways the kiddos can burn all that energy, and this couldn’t come at a better time!


Other favorites? 2-for-1 deals on movies, admission tickets to festivals, half off of food, even on spa services. It makes those guilty pleasures a little easier on the budget. So go ahead and plan date night – you can afford it now!


So go ahead, join today! (and let them know I referred you!)


P.S. They ARE available in most cities including Tallahassee!

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2011 – it HAS to be a good year

Happy New Year!

I hope all my lovely readers out there ***crickets….silence*** had a lovely Christmas. We had a lovely time.


I made a Christmas dinner for friends including this super yummy bread pudding.

Munchkin got his very first sled ride…and quite a few after that!

We went to church on Christmas Eve.

And fed the horses…

We enjoyed some crackers. My “toy” was a pair of really bad nail clippers and a joke…want to hear it? You know you do.

What kind of soap does a judge use? Give up??? TRAIL size soap! ahaahhahahaha….okay, so not the best joke ever.

Had lunch at one of the best restaurants ever. (I got grilled cheese of course, and onion rings. BEST ONION RINGS EVER)

I rang in the new year with my sister and crew at a country club. It was awesome because I was by far one of the youngest people there to celebrate with friends.

And I finally got a pair of wellies! Aren’t they cute? I even found fleece inserts so they are nice and warm.

We also went to a couple of tag sales. Nothing super exciting, but I did find some loaf pans so I can bake more quick breads and a cute 60s enameled bowl. Santa also brought me some fun vintage finds for Christmas. Did I ever mention I collect hammered aluminum? Well, I got a TON of it for Christmas and now I am in hammered aluminum bliss.

So, that’s my end of year/ year so far. But here is to being single and making dreams come true in the new year!  I love the number 11. It’s a fabulous number. When I won first place in horse competitions, my number always had 11 in it. When I ran my fastest time in cross country my number was 11. So 2011, let’s do it!

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This blog thing is hard!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy, promise! And not just watching Glee (although I did that too), but lots of other things too!

First off, this past weekend was my birthday. Now, I love being recognized for my work, but I am very uncomfortable being the center of attention unless I have a job, say a part in a play or giving a speech. So, I was quite happy to not do much.


Pretty toes

I took Friday off. I got a mani/pedi and went shopping all day!



Saturday we walked to Stauff's for coffee and breakfast!



Saturday night we headed home and tried out a new winery. It was pretty good!



And the winery is the kind where you bring your own food, so of course we got pizza from Angie's. Yummy!



And I even got a fancy cake from the North Market. Now, I don't like cake, but sssshhhhhh, don't tell my mom and dad!


And the best present? A photo of my beautiful Grammy on her wedding day.


I’m not that excited about being 31, but I am excited about being able to spend time with my friends and family. Here’s to another year!

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Sea Beans?

So, every Tuesday we head on down to the North Market. I love it. Small businesses all in one place cooking all kinds of yummy things – what’s not to love? My son loves it because of the fish market, and the people at every booth are more than accommodating to his many, many questions on food.Why are the fish flat? Why are the fish in ice? Do they like popcorn?

Anyways, we head down to pick up our medium sized bag from the Greener Grocer. The concept is that every week you get a yummy bag full of goodies, mostly organic and almost always locally grown. The fun part is you don’t know what you’ll get, so it’s like a food puzzle, trying to figure out how to use all the ingredients. If I were walking in a grocery store, would I ever pick up collard greens? Probably not, but I now know how to cook them thanks to the Greener Grocer.

Case in point, this week’s gem: Sea Beans. What the heck are sea beans? Well, this, my friend, are what sea beans look like.


Sea Beans

What am I going to do with these? Well, luckily GG also provides recipes each week in my inbox giving me helpful tips on how to cook the ingredients I got in my bag. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And, because I love to bake, I also added some snickerdoodles to my evening.

Snickerdoodle balls to be baked

Snickerdoodle balls to be baked

Who knew snickerdoodles were such a pain in the butt to make? Rolling all those balls and then dipping them in cinnamon sugar – a lot of work. Next time I am sticking with chocolate chip. Buuut, they did turn out yummy!

The finished cookies!

The finished cookies!