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Back from Seattle – Did you miss me?

I’m back from Seattle…about four days actually, but my suitcase is still unpacked, I need to go grocery shopping, and my body has no idea what time zone I am in. I got to go for work, but squeezed in some fun time so I could experience Seattle. I thought it was my first time there, but my parents informed me I had been there when I was 7. I have no remembrance of this event, so we’ll pretend it was the first time.

I think anytime I travel, my favorite part is always the food. It really defines an area, and let’s face it, that’s the memories that you seem to hold onto the most. When I asked people about what to do prior to my trip, the only things I got were “The beer is great!”, “You will LOVE the fresh seafood!” and “Don’t waste your time going to the top of the Space Needle.” I agree with all those.

So, here are a few photos from the trip.

This was lunch the first day at a grocery store near Pike’s Market. Locally made bread with local veggies and an apple beer manufactured in WA.

The famous fish throwing at Pike’s Market. I’m not a fan of meat, but it was fun. The market itself was awesome. Everything fresh and locally grown! Yummy!

The drinks were great too! Moscow Mule is refreshing, and the bar had these great windows for people watching!

We happened to be there for VegFest 2011. For $8 you got to sample tons of various vegetarian and vegan samples, plus lots of samples, coupons, and other goodies to take home. Some things were good, some were bad, and some were just downright awful!

Fresh donuts for breakfast. You can see them pulling them out and tossing in cinnamon!

My sister tried a bacon truffle. She claims it was totally awesome. I thought it was gross.

In Chinatown/International District we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for some Pho and an avacado smoothie!

And, finally, my sister talked me into trying an oyster. I LOVED the fresh sauce. The oyster? Not so much. It tastes like the sea smells. I also had chicken for dinner. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12, and boy was my tummy hurting!

And finally, here are some more photos to scroll through…


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What planet is this guy from?

I recently read an opinion piece on CNN that wanted us all to know why airline baggage fees are a good thing. I thought I forgot how to read correctly when I saw the headline. Surely my eyes were deceiving me.


Now, let me tell you why this fee is a horrible thing. I weigh approximately 100 pounds. My luggage, when fully stuffed, weighs 30 pounds.


100 + 30 = 130 total pounds. That is still less than most people just by themselves.


And since my child is no longer under 3, I have to buy him a full-price ticket.


100 (me) + 30 (my luggage) + 40 (munchkin) + 20 (munchkin luggage) = 190


That is STILL less than a lot of people weigh, yet I get penalized for it. So no, Mr. Snyder, I do not feel these fees are justifiable when you tell me it’s a fee for the excess weight. It’s a way to milk as much as we can out of consumers and hide the true cost of flying. If you want to make it fair, make everyone get on the scale with their luggage and THEN charge a fee for the weight.


*hopping off my soapbox*

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Samantha Brown!

So, last week we went to the AAA Vacation Expo on both Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday was fun because Munchkin got to meet Kai-Lan.


There were also lots of booths with all kinds of exciting places to explore. I also filled out ten million forms so I could win a vacation. I haven’t gotten any calls yet, but I know I’m going to win! I know it! Actually, I saw people bring return address labels to stick on there. What a great idea!


Sunday we went back to see the Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown. It was good to see she knew where she was and started off her talk with “O-H!”. (For those of you outside of Ohio, you answer, “I-O!”)



She talked about how she got the job and about her many travels around the world. It was very interesting!



We cut out a few minutes early to get in line for autographs and ended up being right across from where she signs. As soon as she came over to the table, Munchkin started screaming, “Samantha Brown! Hi! Hi Samantha Brown! Samantha Brown, you’re my favorite!” He soon became her favorite. When we got up there she gave him a big hug and let him sit on her lap and even gave him a bottle of water. Nicest celebrity I have ever met.




Overall, it was a great time for pennies. Get out there and explore! The more you participate, the more fun this great city is!